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FRI EUR 350pp / SAT EUR 950pp / SUN EUR 2,000pp / 3 DAYS 2,700pp/ SAT & SUN 2,500pp

We offer a great package on the Port in a lovely apartment in the Shangri La.

You can soak up the views and atmosphere of much of the track. Even the Prince of Monaco's very own private roof terrace and race direction centre to our left.....

Below our 12m long Balcony is the Grid/Start and finish straight where the F1 beasts, the drivers and mechanics will gather for that nervy period before the race.

Once the cars speed off, we see them at the exit of the Famous St Devote church turn, then as they fire up the not so straight Beau Rivage, later we will see them emerge at the fastest point of the track; le tunnel Louis 2.

Once through Nouvelle Chicane and into sector 3 we see them attack the "one shot deal" of Tabac and Fast Chicane that have ended many a star driver's weekend.

Through Piscine and the exit of slow chicane before the drag race into the tricky passing area (for those who are brave enough)  at the spectacular Rascasse Bar.

Around Anthony Noghes carefully observed by the Staue of the godfather of the sport JM Fangio. And under our balcony again for the next slice of the action, possibly with DRS assistance.

Our package includes access on Sat & Sun,  with food and wine and beer included.

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